Every day we are exposed to a vast range of toxins and chemicals, present in our food, water and the air around us. All of these substances accumulate in your joints, organs, blood vessels, nerves, and tissues. They affect your immune system and in the long run, can lead to illness. A Biocleanse foot bath helps you remove the pollution from your body, leaving you feeling more energetic and healthy.

    Biocleanse uses the latest ionisation technology.


    Water molecules are split into hydrogen and oxygen under the influence of a certain voltage. The negative ions which are released during this process neutralise the toxic free radicals in your body. Biocleanse is the only foot bath which applies the Schumann Resonance and Rife Frequencies.

    Both of these frequency systems, discovered by the American scientist Royal Raymond Rife and the German physicist W.O. Schumann respectively, are proven to be effective methods for fighting pathogens and stimulating the self-healing properties of the body.


    Detoxing your body largely takes place through your skin, not counting your lungs. Because our body is up to 80% water, it only makes sense water plays a large role in this process. The Biocleanse creates a strong field of ions which are easily absorbed by the body, where they neutralise free radicals and help the cells rejuvenate. After detoxing, your body is better equipped to stop other toxins, viruses and harmful substances. Please note: the actual cleansing of your body continues for another 48 hours after your foot bath. The detoxing which takes place during the foot bath is just a small part of the process.


    The water reacts to the electric voltage and a magnetic field. It will discolour, even if you don’t put your feet in it. As soon as you do, the water will reach a more intense colour, partially due to the toxins leaving your body. The eventual colour of the water depends on the level of toxins in your body. However, the effect of the released energy at a cellular level and your bio-energetic field is far more important for the detox process.


    The energy fields which the device produces balance your body’s energy field and stimulate the natural functions of your body. This process is referred to as bio-charging. The Biocleanse is the only foot bath which features this function and is safe to use.


    They are created by the chemical reaction which splits the hydrogen and oxygen molecules.




    It creates an ionic field through the water which helps release energy in your body.



    Yes, touching doesn’t affect the treatment and is in no way harmful to the body. However, we recommend you move as little as possible during the treatment. By not disturbing the water you make it easier to find and identify the toxins



    The Biocleanse unit can, by setting it to a range of frequencies, help provide relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, liver function disorders, pathogens and parasites. Biocleanse foot baths are also proven to be effective against lethargy, stress, depression, anxiety, pain, the common cold and the flu.

  • All About Bio Cleanse

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    The Clenz Water Modules are made of a new material composition for enhanced conductivity, Eco-Friendly, have No Metal Emissions, Neutralizes Toxins in Water and adds Minerals to enhance the detoxing process naturally. They have a life expectancy of 90-120 Detox sessions making the Clenz Water Module one of the most economical on the market.
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    Biocleanse distinguishes itself from other and fake foot baths with the use of Schumann Resonance and Rife frequencies in combination with the right voltage. Both of these frequency systems, discovered by the American scientist Royal Raymond Rife and the German physicist W.O. Schumann respectively, are proven to be effective methods for fighting pathogens and stimulating the self-healing properties of the body.

    Two water modules
    Manual and instructions
    Biocleanse unit with 5 year warranty
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  • lydia's story



    When most people think of a detox, they think of green juices, endless hunger and painful workouts. But a clinic in Russel Bay of Islands, New Zealand promises a full-body detox through a simple foot bath in warm water – just sit for 40 minutes and relax while your body is cleansed from the inside out. Impossible, right? I first stumbled upon “Clenz” online and was intrigued by the concept. In a nutshell: the machine promises to detox your internal organs through a painless footbath, leaving you with more energy, reduced cravings, better digestion and less stress, amongst many other benefits. I’ll get to the science of it later, but first comes the incredible story of how it all began.


    “Clenz” was founded in Amsterdam by husband and wife duo Arthur van Eldik and Anja Eckhoff. Arthur was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and on the verge of liver failure with liver counts reaching nearly 4,000 when they should be between 30 and 40. Doctors were skeptical if he could survive and suggested a type of chemotherapy that had little hope of success; at the same time, Anja discovered the “Biocleanse” machine that had been created by an American scientist. Desperate for an alternative solution, they decided to give it a try.


    Imagine this: the human body is based on frequencies, which over time get thrown off due to environmental factors. On top of that, we’re exposed to toxins every day – from both our diet and the world around us – which accumulate and clog our joints, organs, blood, and tissue. Cells begin to clump together, over time leading to a range of illness from fatigue and migraines through to cancer and genetic disorders. As you soak your feet in the Biocleanse footbath, it sends safe ionic frequencies into your body through stimulated water, to break up the toxins built up around your cells.

    Cells start releasing toxins and eliminating the “bad” free radicals, removing pollution from your body and leaving you feeling healthier and more energetic. Think of it as a fast and easy detox: your own cleansing system (which every human has) receives an immediate boost. “Your feet start to sweat in the water, and the Biocleanse is attracting your free radicals,” explains Anja. “It leads to discoloration of the water, and depending on the color of the water we can interpret an indication of what’s happening inside your body. Biocleanse makes life possible in your cells where life wasn't possible anymore.”After using the Biocleanse machine every other day, Arthur began to recover; after a few months he returned to the hospital and his liver values – which had been at nearly fatal levels – were back to normal.


    Inspired by the change that Biocleanse made in Arthur’s life, the duo made a commitment to help others with the technology. They first opened a few machines in the back room of a clothing shop it soon became so popular that they took over the whole space. This incredible story, albeit inspiring, had me skeptical. So I rolled up my pants and soaked for 40 minutes, watching attentively as the water slowly discolored to a brownish-red hue with a floating black membrane-like sludge, which indicated distress in my liver and joints. It was both disgusting and intriguing at the same. On the second visit, there was significantly less sludge, but small silvery flecks were extracts from heavy metals that had accumulated in my system – likely from my makeup, and definitely not good. This time, the cleanse had reached my lymph nodes and gall bladder. On the third visit, the water was significantly clearer compared to the first, and had tackled my kidneys and joints again to turn the water a brownish-red.


    It’s fair to say I left the clinic feeling less stressed; it’s a relaxing 40-minute break from your day, and Clenz will serve up healthy snacks like raw crackers and juices while you soak. But the impact seemed to run deeper than just the relaxation of a warm bath. Immediately after my first cleanse, I had noticeably increased energy and I slept like a baby that night. Perhaps it was psychological, but I did feel cleaner, lighter and I was craving vegetables of all things – that night, I wasn’t even tempted for a glass of champagne (most unlike my typical weekend personality).

    For a full body detox, Clenz recommends you follow a 10-time bath program to achieve more astonishing results. The clinic will give you ample reading material about the progress and how you can maximize your success – drinking lots of water is crucial.


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